Virtual Nutrition Coaching Options

1:1 Nutrition Renegade System

I’ve developed a virtual nutrition coaching program and process that provides real and lasting transformation in areas of physical and emotional health, weight battles, and food and nutrition knowledge using a combination of my own experience, professional education, and 10 years as a Registered Dietitian.

Review – Your current lifestyle and goals are reviewed in depth to base how we spend our time together

Inventory – We will inventory your intake, your groceries, and even your kitchen to aid in your transformation

Engineered – Your health journey is a process and will be infused with life and engineered for your success at every step

Guided Accountability – A professional Dietitian and other professionals will provide guidance and positive accountability to drive you to success

Detect – Be a detective with me as we fine-tooth comb your habits and hangups… while also finding solutions. 

Energy – Increase energy levels through proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, hydration, and adequate sleep

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Renegade System

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Group Renegade System

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Group Renegade System

This is only the weekly group coaching sessions for 6 or 12 months. It includes 3-4 sessions for education and 1 Q&A session each month.

A group environment creates a sense of community while providing support, encouragement, and the opportunity to learn from others. You can interact with others on the same journey as you and learn from professionals, too. It is usually people’s favorite part of the program.

If you are not available during the live call, a recording will be sent out for you to view.

Speaker topics include:

Intuitive Eating

Meal Planning and Budgeting


Popular Diets (keto, Mediterranean, plant-based, etc)

Your Temperament


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Local to Warner Robins, GA?

Allow a nutrition expert to makeover your kitchen and be your shopping buddy! Declutter refrigerators, pantries, and freezers, and then go on a grocery store tour to re-stock your home with healthy food choices.

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Kitchen Makeover and Grocery Store Tour

Like what you see?

I am having health issues, so I am trying to learn of things that would help me to feel better. I learned some things and found out that I am not as knowledgeable about food as I thought I was. 🙃 You made it very personal by reading comments and calling attendees by name. Thanks Again, you did an awesome job!
Dea B.
Thank you for the Farmacy Webinar. I enjoyed it greatly and appreciate your time to further our understanding of nutrition. It was fun to participate in the discussion. It's neat to see that there are so many different things that can be substituted to make dishes healthier.
Jennifer C.
I try to avoid baking because of the sugar and flour but know you can substitute ingredients. I liked the "What Am I?" [section]. You always hear this vitamin or this food is good for you but not always why they are good for you! I can tell you truly enjoy nutrition and want to help others enjoy and understand it!
Quela J.