The ABCs of a Dietitian is a fun way to list the meaning of a Dietitian and the work they do. It is not a comprehensive list, as RDs can do many, many things in an abundance of work settings. And they often do! They may work in private practice, a hospital, a school, or a doctor’s office. They may help people with chronic diseases, gastroenterology issues, allergies, weight loss, athletic performance, and more. The options are seemingly endless.

If you know a Dietitian or have worked with one, you know how valuable they are. Not only for the professional qualities and passion they possess or the expertise and teachings they gladly provide but also for the person they genuinely are and the character they display every day.

Thank an RD today! They do so much for their clients, boss, employees, family, community, and more. Plus, it is National Registered Dietitian Day, so share this post with the RD in your life. They will appreciate it (and shake their head in agreement)!

Here are the ABCs of a Dietitian :)

A. Advocate for patients and for our profession

B. Blogger, brand bolster, and best ever educator 

C. Calculate nutritional needs

D. Diabetes management 

E. Encourage lifestyle changes

F. Food science 

G. GI issues

H. Help as many people as possible and handouts galore 

I. Initiate tubefeeds

J. Job opportunities galore 

K. Keep up on evidence-based info

L. Limit poor food choices

M. Motivational interviewing and Medical Nutrition Therapy 

N. Not a nutritionist

O. Owner of my business 

P. PES statement rockstar 

Q. Qualified provider 

R. Registered Dietitian, an earned title 

S. Supplement queen 

T. Tray tester 

U. Unnecessary consult (albumin)

V. Very much in love with food, health, and wellness 

W. Weekend rotation 

X. X-citing developments in our field 

Y. Your nutrition expert and accountability partner 

Z. Zero tolerance for false nutrition claims 

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